Half Marathon death – one family’s campaign to promote access to defibrillators

One story we’ve recently read is that of Ben McDonald, who died in October 2018 after going into cardiac arrest on the finish line of the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Ben, who was 25 was an active sportsman. A keen snowboarder who loved exercise, he was fit and healthy at the time of the race. Although medics used an AED (defibrillator), they were unable to save him.

His family are now campaigning to raise awareness of the need for defibrillators at strategic locations and the vital an AED plays role they play in saving lives following a cardiac arrest. They are also spreading the message about screening for heart health to help protect those who are ordinarily healthy and not aware of any symptoms.

Ben’s family have all had screening and are highlighting heart health by raising money via a festival, BenJam, to honour their relative.

Ben’s mother Ruth added “I think what we’ve learnt is life is unpredictable, we don’t know what lies around the corner.”

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