You can make a difference at work and in your community

Most people are aware that the Air Ambulance is not funded by the government or the NHS. Rightly or wrongly it runs on donations. The same applies to the provision of out-of-hospital defibrillators and CPR training. In short, it’s all funded by the goodwill of the public.

In the UK the survival rate for an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is 6 to 8%. In Scandinavian countries this figure is over 50%. The difference being quite simply the provision of defibs, and more people being trained in how to administer CPR.

If your anything like me you hear someone has had a cardiac arrest and you have little or no expectation of them surviving, but as the figures testify it hasn’t got to be that way, and in our opinion and with your support neither should it be that way.   

On that basis Keeping Hearts Beating has been brought to life by members of the Business Supplies community to raise awareness of the importance of local access to a defibrillator and bystander CPR.

In conjunction with a growing list of vendors, resellers, BOSS Fed, Incontrol Marketing we’re doing something about it and so can you.

We support this initiative because we feel it’s the right thing to do, but the business benefit is that it moves us away from talking price on commodity products while strengthening our relationships and local presence. Real win-win!

Paul Hicklin / Compleat Office

Here's how to get involved

If you do nothing else today, complete the health check questionnaire above ↑

This will highlight if there’s a strong need for you to get involved both for you and your local community. If so, here’s some of the many ways you can get involved:

See The Kit

You find where to put it and we’ll help you secure the best price to install one on the outside of the building and promote your efforts.

See what's in the kit

Brand Exposure

Dual brand the cabinet surround with your details. Great for some additional brand exposure in your community.

See the cabinet

Incease Your knowledge

We will give you the tools so your team know how to use the device, and help them brush up on their CPR skills.

Knowledge Bank

Raise Funds

We can help you to raise money for more defibrillators and CPR training in your local community for even more win-wins.

See Fundraising Ideas

We’ll help you raise awareness of your efforts via free marketing materials and support from InControl Marketing