Care and consideration for your local community positions you in a way that national and multi national competitors just can’t compete with. It differentiates you and displays a spirit and commitment that moves the dialogue in a direction that demonstrates an affiliation and belonging to the local community that builds and reinforces your business over and above the base functional expectations of ‘normal’ suppliers. It makes great business sense to support Keeping Hearts Beating and we’re keen to help you spread awareness of the need for defibrillators and CPR training where there are gaps in your local area.

We’d love you to show your interest and get involved in fundraising for life-saving equipment. If you would like to take part in creating an event to raise money for this fantastic cause, then take a look at a few of our top ideas below.

We’ve also created marketing collateral that will be personalised for you:


Coffee Morning

Plan a coffee morning at your office. Think carefully about the date and time, invite colleagues, friends, family and customers and get the community together to fund life saving equipment. Contact local radio, create posters and post on social media to drive awareness.

Donate a proportion of sales

Create a consumer offer on a range of products to donate a proportion of your sales to the charity. Not only will this drive sales, but it will enable customers and your colleagues to feel they are doing their part to raise money for a vital cause.


Ask local businesses to donate prizes to raise money for a raffle. Ensure you advertise those that have contributed. Share your results with customers and via social media.

Sporting event

Organise a team sporting event such as a football tournament, or why not train for a half marathon or 10K sponsored run or walk to help drive awareness and raise money for heart health.

Compleat Office have already made a difference

12 defibrillators across various locations in Suffolk.

Paul Hicklin, Director of Compleat Office, first got involved in placing AED’s in the community following the death of his Father who suffered a cardiac arrest at the age of 64. Will Hicklin collapsed whilst at work in April 2012 and, despite CPR, his life could not be saved. The outcome could have been very different if a defibrillator had been available.

Paul and his family wanted to do something in his father’s memory and thought what better way than to help raise funds to enable them to place as many lifesaving defibrillators throughout their local community to help others in the event of an emergency.

Paul is now working alongside our partners, Cardiac Science and Heart2Heart, to give back to the local community and has now placed an impressive 12 defibrillators with 24 hour access across various locations in Suffolk in the most need.

How has Paul achieved all this?

Along with many of Will’s friends, Paul’s family started fundraising with events including a 24-hour darts marathon, 100 mile cycle ride and a bake sale. This put the first 3 defiblirators in place.

Paul was then launched a fundraising initiative through his business, Compleat Office Solutions Ltd. Customers simply returned their unwanted empty ink and toner cartridges, Compleat would send them off for recycling and donate all funds raised to their defibrillator campaign. The support of Compleat’s customers mean that they are now sending back one pallet of ink and toner cartridges a week! Some customers have loved the concept so much that they have even donated to fully funded a defibrillator package!

What could you do within your business to help?

When it comes to defibrillators, you can never have too many. If you want to place more in your local community and generate a really positive news story, why not express and interest in fundraising to cover the costs. We’ll call you back, go through the details and fill you up with ideas on what you could do and how to get started!

Register your interest in fundraising to place more defibrillators in your community